Ash Acres Dairy Farm
Ash Acres is the place to be. Dairy living is the life for us!


Ash Acres Dairy Farm offers premium Grade A raw milk serving the central Texas area. We provide great tasting raw milk that's produced fresh from the highest quality dairy cow. Treat yourself today with a nutritious and delicious glass of milk. We sell milk by the gallon for $8 per gallon. At Ash Acres Dairy Farm you are sure to enjoy the great atmosphere, friendly service, and affordable prices.

Ash Acres now provides natural lovingly made Grade A Raw Milk Cheese, to suit your every need: from snacks, to cheeseburgers, or your homemade pizza. You will fall in love with the wholesome natural taste, of Ash Acres Raw Milk Cheese. Price varies by size; please contact Jayna for more information.

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at Ash Acres Dairy Farm

Our hours of opperation are: By Appointment only.  Call Jayna at (254)718-1722 or Hanna at (254)780-6452